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Braidiology™ Relaxers

Sorry, this service is not offered at this time. See Price List for services.


Do you prefer smoother, straighter hair? Our relaxer services are designed for naturally textured hair to reduce curls and frizz, so it’s easier to style and maintain. Relaxing your hair can help boost your morale by making unruly, wavy hair easier to style and wash.

Ask Your Stylist If A Relaxer Is Right For You.  

Relaxers: $65 and up, Consultation required.

  • Retouch (up to 1" of regrowth)  $65.00

  • Retouch (above 1" of regrowth) Consultation required.

  • Full                                               $95.00


($10 additional charge for hair length past shoulder)


Braidiology™ Relaxer Specialist

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