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Blow Dry Bar

 Braidiology™ Blow Dry Bar

Sorry, this service is not offered at this time. See Price List for services.

Ahhhh, the perfect blowout. How is it you never really look as put together as you do when you leave the salon after a professional blow dry? A blowout starts with a hair wash, followed by an expert blow-dry method. High-powered hair dryers, round brushes, and other styling tools are used to achieve a finished look that may seem impossible to do on your own. Our blowouts leave hair shiny, bouncy, and with a style that will last for days. The best part? You walk out feeling confident and ready to take on the world.

 Braidiology™ Specializes In Blowouts For All Hair Types Including Natural, Curly Hair

All blowouts $40 wash included and style.

  1. Ten Minute Scalp Massage +$10

  2. Updo +$30

  3. Deep Conditioner $50 *

  4. Silk Press $60

  5. Quick Braid $30

* Styling tools, hair products, and the elements can damage hair, causing it to feel dry and brittle, leading to breakage, frizz, and split ends. Our conditioning treatment replenishes and repairs damaged hair with an intense, customized reconstructing formula.

 Braidiology™ Blow Dry Specialist