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Salon Etiquettes for the Client

  1. Don't be late. If you're more than a few minutes late, don't be offended if you get short shrift or if you lose your appointment altogether. Being late happens, but take responsibility when it's your blunder. Just as you would hope the stylist or salon would call you if they are running behind, it's always OK to call the salon to let them know you're going to be late.
  2. Bring pictures of the haircuts and styles you admire. Show your stylist what you have in mind, but be prepared to accept it if the answer is no. Expect your stylist to explain (clearly) why the look you want isn't possible or realistic for your hair, then move on to discuss what is possible, and make sure you both understand and agree on the desired outcome. As one stylist whispered to us, "I have only shears, not magic wands."
  3. Tell the stylist how much time you spend styling your hair each day. If 10 minutes tops is what you want, don't ask for a style that takes longer than that.
  4. Know what the services you're requesting cost. As a client, you should ask what the price is for the work you want done before the service begins. Do not wait until the end of your service or just “guesstimate” the cost based on what you paid at another salon—you may be in for an unpleasant, awkward surprise!
  5. Know that you will have to pay additional fees for added services after original quote. Please do not add services and expect the stylist to do them for free. This is a business and time is money, the stylists get paid by the services they provide. Please do not expect them to work for free.
  6. Speak up, but do so in a kind courteous manner. If you want something, ask for it, but don't be insulting or imperious. As the client, you should expect a gracious level of customer service, but it's also your responsibility to be gracious in return. Believe us, we know which clients are unreasonably difficult or downright mean—you don't want to be on that list!
  7. If you're happy with the service, tip your stylist. A gratuity of 10–20% is the norm in the salon industry, and is customary for a job well done. Stylists remember clients who tip well, and doing so will earn you points down the road, perhaps when you need to make a last-minute appointment with your stylist to prep for an unexpected interview or other event.

Please Do Not Expect Our Stylists To Work For Free

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