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Hair Care Tips For Chemical, Braiding, And Extension Services

DO shampoo and condition your hair as often as necessary, particularly if you work out and perspire heavily.

DO purchase and use products recommended by your stylist.

DO have your hair trimmed/cut as recommended by your stylist.

DO have chemical, braiding, and extension services done by a licensed professional you trust and respect.

DO get touch-ups on chemical, braiding, or extension services as recommended by your stylist.

DO use a brush with natural, boar bristles instead of synthetic ones that may pull or snag the hair.  If you use a  brush with rubber tips on the ends of the bristles, make sure that all the bristles are intact to prevent snagging the hair.

DO sleep in a silk or satin scarf or bonnet. Never use a cotton scarf as this may rob your hair of moisture.  A satin pillowcase may be used if you prefer not to cover your head.

DO use gels, hairsprays, pomades, and other styling products sparingly.

DO shampoo hair immediately after swimming to remove chlorine, salts, and other deposits from your hair.

DO remember not to put excess tension on your hair when wearing braids, ponytail, or twists. To do so may cause permanent hair loss.

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