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Brush before bed and before washing to ensure there are no natural occurring tangles caused by wind or friction. Do not brush wet hair as that is when hair follicles are at their most vulnerable.
Health benefits of copper are well known. Soaking feet in a Copper bowl can help to achieve a healthier immune system as well as help with joint pain from conditions like arthritis. Besides the beauty, copper naturally kills many germs and bacteria and helps reduce pain and inflammation.
Don't be late. If you're more than a few minutes late, don't be offended if you get short shrift or if you lose your appointment altogether. Being late happens, but take responsibility when it's your blunder. Just as you would hope the stylist or salon would call you if they are running behind, it's always OK to call the salon to let them know you're going to be late.
Okay, first and foremost get used to calling your extensions, clip ins, keratin fused strands etc., weave. Why? Because that's exactly what it is. Weaves like all cosmetics enhance your beauty like that of eyelashes, acrylics, even the lightest daily wear foundation. Similarly, once you remove your makeup it's time to prepare that weave for the next day.
Remy hair refers to the delicate manufacturing process of the hair. Remy specifically means uni-lateral cuticle direction, in which all follicles point the same direction. Braidiology hair is unprocessed Remy, meaning that after it is cut from the scalp of the donor, it is then lightly cleansed and machine wefted. Machine wefted hair is best for adding thickness and volume. This method also prevents shedding by tightly securing the follicles to the weft.
Remy hair is gathered from the head of donors/producers in such a way as to keep the hair’s cuticles properly aligned in relation to its neighboring hairs. This means the hair remains softer and silkier, and is useful in producing higher-quality wigs, extensions and hairpieces.
Virgin hair is chemically unprocessed human hair, which is collected from a single donor (the donor could be Indian, Malaysian, Brazilian, etc). The virgin hair is remy hair that has not been altered by dyes, perms, bleaches, or harsh washes. We only uses grade 7A virgin hair, which is one of the highest quality hair on the market.
Remy Hair does not always mean virgin hair, in fact it rarely means that. Although the two terms are used synonymously, they are completely different in meanings.
Co-Wash, short for “Conditioning Wash,” describes shampooing with a conditioner instead of shampoo. Conditioners provide a mild cleansing. However, it is best to rinse impurities from your scalp very well before Co-Washing. This method will prevent shrinkage. It aids in keeping the hair softer, and stretches your natural texture. While Co-Washing does not replace traditional hair washing it eliminates product build up and itchy scalp between washes. Braidiology™ will co-wash your tresses.
Natural hair typically lacks natural moisture. Sulfates, which help create lather, mostly found in shampoos, can have a stripping effect on natural hair. This removes hair’s essential oils and contributes to the problem of dryness. Many sulfate-free shampoos don’t lather well, causing the user to think that the hair isn’t really clean. This is a common myth! Thus, why Braidiology™ only uses paraben and sulfate free products promoting the health and moisture of your hair.