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So you're now rocking your new set of dreads but what's next? Dreadlocks take time to tighten and mature but a good maintenance routine will get them there faster. 1. YOUR FIRST WEEK: If your dreads are brand new you won't need to wash them for around a week. With the extra bulk the dreadlocks give, you may find that your regular shower cap won't fit but Amazon offers extra large shower caps and for that matter, swim caps big enough to accommodate dreadlocks. Dreads are usually nice and tight immediately after installation but it is normal for them to then become a little messy and untidy as the maturing process is only just beginning. Wearing a Dread Sock to bed can help minimize this. Palm Rolling as often as possible is also a good idea to help shape the dreads in the first week.
A style where the hair naturally, or through manipulation, forms a cylindrical, rope-like pattern. Dreadlocks may take several months or a few years to form and are considered a permanent style. In order to remove dreadlocks,you must cut them.
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