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Condition your scalp with a light all natural oil 2-3 times a week. Use conditioning braid spray with anti-itch formulation on your braids daily to keep your scalp happy and the hair underneath the braids healthy.
Wash your hair by applying a diluted solution of shampoo to the scalp. Use the pads of your fingers to work the shampoo around the cornrows. Rinse thoroughly. It's recommended that washing your hair no more than every 7 to 10 days to avoid drying the hair too much.
Braids Hair Care and Tips 1-5: Deep condition your hair a day before applying the extensions. Continue to deep condition your hair even when you have the braids in at least once in 2 weeks.
Braids are a simple thus wonderful way to forget about hair styling for quite a long time, give your hair some rest and protect it from harsh environmental factors. In addition, with the awesome hairstyles listed here you will attract attention, appreciating looks and earnest grins.
Always shampoo and condition hair before putting on a braid. If you have a processed hair, ensure hair is in good condition before you put on extension so as not to cause more damage to the hair. If it is virgin afro hair, add moisturisers to the hair to allow for easy combing and braiding.
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